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Stereology week only     (max 25 participants -- 13 of 25 left)

CHF 400.00

CHF 600.00

CHF 1200.00


Stereology week AND newCAST 2-days training (Visiopharm, DK)
      incl. PC infrastructure.      (max 20 participants -- 4 of 20 left)

CHF 700.00

CHF 1100.00

CHF 2200.00


newCAST only
      incl. PC infrastructure.     (max 20 participants -- 4 of 20 left)

CHF 1400.00


The newCAST module is intended for beginners using this software. Please note the level of your newCAST experience if you are interested in this module. Upon request the schedule can be adapted to more profound or extended topics.

My newCAST experience is: / my particular newCAST interests are:

Please note, that you have to attend (not just register) for both courses to be eligible to the combination discount. The fee covers all lectures, lecture notes, course exercises, laboratory demonstrations with real biological materials and coffee. For the newCAST hands-on, notebooks are provided.

For information please contact:
Stefan Tschanz MD, Institute of Anatomy, Baltzerstrasse 2, CH-3000 Bern 9, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 31 631 84 78, Fax +41 31 631 38 07, E-Mail:

Registration will be possible until 31.07.2017.

Cancellation before Aug. 1 is refunded in full; later cancellation is refunded with 75% of the registration fee.

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Payment by bank transfer, a corresponding request will be sent in July

Upload a brief description (PDF) of your project or reason to attend the course. Use about ½ A4 page and print also your name and address on it. (PDF only max. 1 MB)

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You can also send the PDF by mail after your registration is done.


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